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Director, Warning from the Ocean


Jeong-Joon Lee is a skilled cinematographer and documentary director, specialized in programs that explore backwoods, underwater, remote islands, and wildlife. He fell in love with the underwater world as he was working as a scuba instructor in his 20s. As a filmmaker, he aspires to make programs that can present not only the beauty of the sea but also the future of humanity in conjunction with the wellbeing of the life underwater.  He has been directing many wildlife documentaries such as <Man Vs Whale><Warriors of Masai Mara>. His previous film <dolphin and me> was screened in Seoul international environment festival in 2016 and has been screening in international film festivals like Ireland Wildlife film festival and Matsalu nature film festival in Estonia. He is currently making documentaries on Finless porpoise and Gray Whale.


Senior Research Scientist - Marine Mammals


Lindsay has spent the last 20 years in Asia working on species as diverse as largest of our oceans inhabitants, the blue whale, to one of the smallest, most elusive species, the finless porpoise. With a particular interest in inshore tropical delphinids, a lot of Lindsay’s work has focused on how these often localised populations interact and react to man and his activities.  Lindsay sits on several regional and global policy and advisory boards which focus on the protection and conservation of marine mammals. 

Conservation Education Manager, The Nature Conservancy Hong Kong


Joe is a marine scientist with more than 10 years of experience in conservation. In her current role at The Nature Conservancy, Joe focuses on connecting youth to local mudflat biodiversity - notably oyster reefs -  by developing different nature education programs and field trips, as well as raising awareness of sustainable oyster aquaculture. Prior the joining TNC, Joe worked 10 years for Ocean Park, during which developed the innovative juvenile Horseshoe Crab rearing program and co-chaired of the Education arm of the IUCN Horseshoe Crab Specialist Group.


She has a Bachelor degree in Marine science from the University of Sydney and a Master’s degree of Social Science in Psychology from The Education University of Hong Kong.

Founder, Adventure Cleanup Challenge


Founder of the Adventure Clean up Challenge, Chef, Investor, runner, climber and globetrotter. Outdoor lover and organiser of the first multiple sports event with an environmental purpose.  Loves to engage in new cultures through traveling the world with her family.

Investor, Explorer, Adventurer and Speaker


Investor, Explorer, Adventurer and Speaker. Producer of Award winning documentary “Tibetan Dreams” and “Education Explorers.”.  Passionate about the environment, Paul loves to explore the world and find new challenges. From the Gobi Desert to Antarctica, from Hong Kong cliffs to Mount Everest. But most of all he likes to travel with his family

Director, The Loop


Mike Sakas is a photographer, filmmaker, adventurer, and educator. From early on, Mike's been called to explore: from time spent roaming the mountains with his family as a boy to his time after University living in his car traveling the American southwest. Now, as a photographer and educator, he has photographed and taught photography in dozens of countries from South Africa to Kyrgyzstan and Nicaragua to New Zealand. As digital photography has assimilated the technology of video production, Mike has made the shift to filmmaker and is experimenting with story-telling from the still image to moving image and from traditional into new media. 


Eco mission:

The challenges that will face future generations seem insurmountable and are potentially catastrophic. We cannot be overwhelmed by them and must remember that the problems were manufactured one piece at a time: we must hurry, but the solution may be found, in large-scale projects AND in daily conscientious action, one decision at a time.  

Marine Biologist, HK University


Thea is a marine biologist from Australia who specialises in studying and managing marine ecosystems. She moved to Hong Kong in 2017 and fell in love with the resilient ecosystems all over Hong Kong. Thea studied at the University of Queensland and now works on restoring and managing Hong Kong’s marine environments.

About the dolphins: 

The Hong Kong Pink Dolphins have been an icon of Hong Kong for as long as anyone can remember. Unfortunately, coastal development has been at the cost of these sweet animals. Hong Kong DolphinWatch is on a mission to educate the public through close encounters with the playful families on the Lantau coast and hopefully save them so they can amaze future generations.

Underwater Photographer


Nicholas is an highly qualified diver who has dived all over the world.  After only a few dives, he picked up a camera and started taking amazing photos of the underwater sea life.  He has won a number of awards including "Best of the Show" at the ADEX Beijing Awards and is looking forward to speaking to us all at this year's HKEFF.  


Nicholas is also a diving instructor so if you'd like to learn to dive come to his talk.  


Ghost Nets, Miss Friendship Hong Kong


Previously a primary school teacher, Claudia left her teaching to venture on a mission to advocate and educate others on conservation and sustainability in Hong Kong.
Being a passionate diver, Claudia had entered a beauty pageant to spread the message of plastic pollution and she continues to set out to fight against marine trash and retreival of ghost nets in our oceans.

Co-founder, Hong Kong Raw Honey


Arthur is an animal and nature lover and a vegetarian.

Operates fee farms in Hong Kong, offer 100% locally produced natural raw honey. Its product has won Best Made in Hong Kong Product issued by Natural & Organic Award Asia. Its raw honey has also passed a series of SGS & STS certification to prove its

high and natural quality.

Mentioning bees, Hong Kong people may only think of honey. However, many may not know that bees are of great importance in the planet’s ecological system, including bee’s role to the world’s food supply (with more than 70% of the food consumed by

human are pollinated by bees according to research). Therefore, through honey & bee, we would like to raise people’s awareness to the nature and conversation.

Products are sold on the Hong Kong Raw Honey website:

Eco mission: 

“Be the change you want to see in the world”

sharon kwok.jpg

Founder, AquaMeridian Conservation & Education Foundation Hong Kong


Sharon is and artist, actress, and a naturalist at heart. Sharon was born in Hong Kong who grew up in San Francisco. As a fine artist, Sharon held her first exhibition at age 17. As an actress, she has been featured in over a dozen movies and all Hong Kong TV stations as well as abroad. Today, Sharon has completely devoted herself to conservation work. A director of WildAid and Mission Blue, she founded AquaMeridian Conservation & Education Foundation Hong Kong to contribute to the preservation of biodiversity via revolutionizing conservation in China and other parts of Asia. Simple changes in Chinese traditions such as consumers’ views of wildlife products, or consideration of natural resources would have critical impact.

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Conservationist, South Africa


Divan Grobler is a passionate young conservationist from South Africa, who recently hand-reared several abandoned baby rhinos on a private wildlife reserve. With a successful release back into the wild. Went on several rescue missions over the years to help the plight of rhino conservation. Lions are also a big favourite of his and he went undercover to expose the canned hunting industry in the documentary called Blood Lions. 

Divan was a professional rugby player but after an injury, he started volunteering at a lion breeding farm in 2010. He spent much of his time here helping rear lions. However, after realising that the lions were ultimately being sold to hunting farms, he exposed the industry in the movie Blood Lions. Time spent on a private reserve broadened Divan’s experience to include monitoring and tracking of cheetahs, elephants and loepards. Divan did wildlife rehabilitation for a couple of years and was involved in rearing everything from baboons, vervet monkeys, serval, owls, meerkat, antelope and mongoose all to be released back into the wild.

Eco mission:

His passion and drive will never stop to help an animal in need, to ensure that the world's future generations have the priviledge to enjoy the jewel of this world - its wildlife.

Yoga Instructor, OmSkoolYoga


Originally from England, Alison has called Hong Kong home for the last 12 years. 

In 2018, after 14 years as a primary school teacher, Alison decided to become a full-time yoga teacher, setting up as her platform for sharing her passion for yoga with children and adults. To Alison, yoga is all about connecting with and feeling good in our bodies, minds and living our happiest and most compassionate lives possible! 

Alison is an avid marathon runner and has ran 13 marathons to date..and counting! She is therefore also super passionate about sharing yoga with fellow runners. 

When not on a yoga mat, Alison can be found happily running around Hong Kong or sipping on a plant-based coffee with friends. 


Eco pledge:

Alison has followed a vegan way of eating for three years and pledges to try her best to continue with this as a way to support our beautiful planet Earth. 

Author, The Green Dragon


Suzanne Younan, author of 'The Green Dragon' was inspired to write a children’s book about the environment from her experience in the dragon boat sport.  A keen dragon boater, Suzanne started to notice the unending flow of plastic onto Hong Kong beaches.  After Typhoon Hato back in 2017, it was apparent that Hong Kong’s beaches needed as much help as they could get.  Suzanne formed Green Dragons HK, a volunteer organisation raising awareness in the dragon boat community to the dangers of plastic pollution.  During this journey Suzanne realised the importance of spreading this message to children and the idea of Willy, The Green Dragon was born.


Originally from the UK, Suzanne has lived in Hong Kong for almost 5 years.  A true nature lover, Suzanne spends her free time walking her dog in the country parks around the island.

HK Eco Painter


Roz is a painter, art teacher and Chair of ‘Living Lamma’, a charity on Lamma Island dedicated to creating a safer and cleaner environment.

Born In Hong Kong of UK parents, she studied art at Cheltenham College of Art and ‘Expressive Arts’ at Brighton University in UK from 1981-1984.

She travelled in Indonesia and Australia from 1985-88 and her paintings undertaken during this time were made into an exhibition in HK Fringe Festival in 1993.  Roz studied painting in San Miguel Allende, Mexico and upon returning to HK, she taught painting at Island School Evening Institute and at the YWCA.  Roz is now a full time painter and has been painting on polystyrene since 2017 to draw attention to the marine pollution crisis.  

Eco Mission: 

I hope I can inspire people to love nature and protect it for future generations.

I paint onto the lids of polystyrene boxes as they look a little bit like a framed canvas so alluding to traditional art and at the same time it is a common material for transporting our food in Hong Kong.  

Unfortunately the polystyrene finds its way into our sea where it gets washed up along the rocky shorelines and onto beaches of Hong Kong and is a threat to fish, birds and human health.

My paintings remind us that we need to urgently address the pollution made by polystyrene, and to use less, to recycle more and to replace it with sustainable and biodegradable alternatives when at all possible.

I hope you enjoy looking at my paintings as much as I enjoy painting them.




A marketer turned story-teller,  Ms Meow has been telling stories to kids in community centres, libraries, schools and at events for the past few years. She believes that everything existed has its tale(s); and it is the power of each tale that fascinates.  Her favourite pastime includes reading, hiking, day-dreaming and most of all being mischievous at home!  


Eco Pledge:

Buy less, use less, appreciate more. Try alternative protein sources.

Sunday 17th

Founders, Cosmos Studio


We have always loved the stories behind fashion, but have at the same time been shocked by the hidden polluting scenes surrounding it.  We believe human activities must be founded on the preservation of the commons; and the way that the fashion industry has been functioning needs to be radically challenged. Thus we have created Cosmos Studio, a local label that aims to reinvent the wheel with innovatively sustainable practices that the world has never seen.

Founder, FreedomEe

Franchesca Giobbi

A digital platform formed to create an online and offline community in exchange of services and products among all of the professions that play a role in the fashion, beauty and design industry with positive impacts for the human being, the environment, and the economy using the system of Blockchain, IOT and IA, for a transparent productive and responsible consumerism.

Denim Unspun


Our Purpose:

Denim Unspun sees fashion as a celebration of self-expression but the industry has become one of the dirtiest while fundamentally preventing such expression through standardization and mass-production. Our mission is to reduce global carbon emissions by 1% and flip the fashion script from start to finish with #sizefree, customized denim made on demand, paired with new customer experiences.

Eco mission:
The future demands that we do things fundamentally different, starting with unspun jeans.

CEO, HK Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel


Mr Keh is the CEO of The Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel. He is also on Faculty at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania and The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology where he teaches supply chain operations.

Until April 2010 Edwin was the SVP COO of Wal-Mart Global Procurement. Prior to Wal-Mart Edwin managed a consulting group that has done work for companies on supply chain, manufacturing, and product design. The practice also did work for non-profit organizations and charities. Edwin co-founded the Consortium For Operational Excellence in Greater China (COER GC). The Consortium is sponsored by the Wharton School and Tsinghua University.

Edwin had a career as senior executive with several US consumer goods and retail companies. He was the Managing Director of Payless Shoesource International, Donna Karan International, and Country Road Australia. He also worked for the United Nations High Commission for Refugees.

Edwin serves on multiple industry and educational boards. He advises several other social enterprises.

Edwin is the 2011 recipient of the Production and Operations Management Society’s Martin K. Starr Excellence in Production and Operations Management Practice Award, and is on the Debrett’s Hong Kong 100 as one of the most influential people in Technology and Digital sector

Director, Frontline Fashion 3


Hailing from Scotland, Lindsay has been producing and directing factual and scripted programming across Asia for the past 16 years. Learning the ropes in news and documentaries under A Plastic Ocean director, Craig Leeson, and then working in features, commercials and Reality TV – Lindsay is passionate about creating engaging content in any genre. A committed greenie - Lindsay directs and produces the award-winning sustainable fashion series Frontline Fashion. Made in partnership with environmental charity, Redress, and hosted by Cara G McIlroy, Frontline Fashion is currently in it’s 4th season.


Since first watching True Cost Lindsay woke up to the devastation caused by the fashion industry and is on a mission to spread awareness on the topic by getting Frontline Fashion to a wide an audience as possible.

Eco mission:

"Buy Less, buy better" are great easy words to live by. With 2,700 litres of water being used to make just one shirt the amount of clothes we get through has a huge impact on our natural resources.

Founder, Red T Group


Tamsin is an art specialist who has been connecting people and projects to art for 15 years.  Heading up Red T Group, Tamsin’s main interest is to innovate processes within the art world to increase impact and convenience for both clients and artists. 


In 2004, she founded the Red T Space in Beijing; a gallery for emerging contemporary Chinese art.  She then launched an art fair and music company under the same umbrella.  She was the inaugural director of Ben Brown Fine Arts in Hong Kong, launching the Andre Fu designed space and exhibiting artists such as Ron Arad, Candida Höfer and Pablo Picasso. She spent time in Melbourne as director of Art Melbourne and co founded The Art Recruiter, a global recruitment firm for the art world. 


She is currently building the world's first digital platform for customised fine art work targeting luxury design and zero waste; Red T Multiples.  Red T is also pioneering a circular economy in public sculpture which aims to educate, innovate and uplift communities through high impact art made from recycled plastic and cutting edge 3D print technology.      

Artistic Director & Founder, Emmanuel F


Emmanuel F is Hong Kong’s first eco-organic hairdressing and beauty concept,conjuring images of impeccable beauty, creativity and luxury in hairdressing. With over 30 years’ experience, French-born Emmanuel honed his skills at prestigious salons in Paris, New York,Nashville and Taipei, before opening his eponymous flagship salon in Hong Kong in 2003. 

Emmanuel believes that health and beauty are paramount. He is committed to using only natural and organic products in all aspects of his hairdressing & beauty services. Rejecting harsh chemicals such as ammonia, SLS and parabens, Emmanuel selects treatments with only the finest ingredients from your shampoo and colour to the finishing cut and blow-dry, the result is healthy, beautiful hair.

Emmanuel’s artistry and passion for his craft shine through in the quality and creativity of his work. The secret of his craftsmanship is the ability to achieve the unique cut and image that creates the perfect balance of all aspects of your personality and lifestyle. Emmanuel’s work has graced the catwalks of Christian Dior and the red carpet at the Asia Film Festival and Alexandre de Paris

Founder, Mana!


Bobsy Gaia is a passionate eco-entrepreneur whose driving motivation in all his projects is to raise environmental awareness.

During the past 26 years he has called Hong Kong his home, and has spearheaded campaigns dedicated to clean ups, recycling & protecting the local lands from bad-development and successfully petitioning against the reclamation of Lamma Island’s bay areas in 1994 and 2003, respectively. His ABLE charity has since evolved into an annual tree planting drive that re-forested the northern hills of the island from its former barren state, into a lush green & healthy forest that it is today.

In 2008, he wrote and produced a documentary “Save the Human! Don't Eat the Planet” on the environmental impact of the meat and dairy industry. The documentary went on to win the “Best Documentary” award at the I SHOT HK Film Festival.

Bobsy is a frequent speaker on consciousness, social entrepreneurship and the emergence of a humanitarian, ecological and spiritual world view at schools, universities, government departments, and other platforms. His show Breakfast with Bobsy where he chats with influencers and change-makers in the Hong Kong community can be viewed on MANA!TV.

Transdisciplinary Behavioural Strategist | OrganisationalMisbehaviourist | Ironist


Alongside training, consulting and advisory work, Richard design and teach MBA modules in leadership, organisational behaviour and change. His leadership module for MGSM's Asia-future-focused Global MBA is available on Cousera.

Director, Carbon Care Asia


John Sayer was a farmer in Wales before moving to Asia to work on agriculture, poverty reduction, labour rights and sustainable development. He joined Oxfam Hong Kong as Executive Director and in 2001 moved to Oxford to take up the post of Interim Executive Director of Oxfam International. In 2003 he became Director of Africa Now working on the promotion of ethical trade among international companies doing business in Africa.

He has served on the Board of the UK Ethical Trading Initiative helping major corporations develop socially responsible supply chains. He also participated in advisory bodies to the UN Global Compact on corporate conduct. He is currently a member of the Global Reporting Initiative’s Global Stakeholder Council and a member of the Council’s Capital Markets Discussion Group.

Since joining Carbon Care Asia in 2014 he has worked on green finance standards,  ESG reporting and the integration of the Sustainable Development Goals into corporate reporting. He is also directing the ‘Paris Watch’ research project assessing climate action in Hong Kong and other Asian cities against the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement.

Conservation Officer in the Fauna Conservation Department at Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden


Liz is an Ecologist and Conservationist Her work includes managing in-situ and ex-situ conservation projects, which aim to protect, restore and promote biodiversity in Hong Kong. She also leads guided night walks. She works mainly with amphibians, reptiles and bats, and is also interested in biodiversity and habitats on a wider landscape scale. Her favourite time to search for wildlife is at night when the nocturnal natural world of Hong Kong springs to life.

Education Officer in the Fauna Conservation Department at Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden


Bel coordinates Public Education Programmes including Night Walks & Animal Encounters and shares stories of KFBG’s animal rescue and conservation work through social media.

Eco Mission:

To appreciate and enjoy the natural wonders of nocturnal wildlife in Hong Kong.

Yoga Instructor, OmSkoolYoga


Amber grew up in sunny Perth, Western Australia. She moved to Hong Kong 6 years ago as a primary school teacher, allowing her to combine her passions of yoga, mindfulness and teaching children. With the help of some dinosaur friends, The Mindful Dino Crew (, Amber has been sharing her love of yoga and mindfulness with children and adults alike! Through her books and classes Amber hopes to help children develop the most positive and glowing versions of themselves. When not busy teaching her P2 students, Amber is practising yoga in the studio or laying on the grass, reading a book.

Eco pledge:
I pledge to reduce my single use plastic use by cooking at home more, rather than buying takeaway food in plastic containers! Also by saying no to straws and plastic cutlery!

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